3 Single Occupancy — Sky Forest

Super private lodging with access to a pool.

3 people total can sign up for rooms in Sky Forest. Each room is single occupancy. Price is per person.

Sky Forest:  the  Best of Both Worlds!  Privacy for resting and recharging & access to communal spaces when seeking connection by the pool or lounge! 

Elevate your retreat experience with our exclusive Sky Forest lodging option in the heart of Costa Rica’s tropical paradise. This elevated and newly remodeled accommodation offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, access to a refreshing pool, a communal lounge area, and a vibrant bar space. Whether you choose to take a dip in the pool, unwind in the inviting community lounge, or simply bask in the mesmerizing vistas, the Sky Forest lodging option provides a harmonious blend of luxury and nature. One thing is for sure.  You’ll have an amazing experience and lots of great photos to prove it when you stay at the Sky Forest. 

Sky Forest rooms have private bathrooms and air conditioning.