3 Single Occupancy — Bali Suites

3 people total can sign up for rooms in the Bali Suites. Each suite is single occupancy. Price is per person.

Nestled within the vibrant surroundings of the rainforest, the Bali Suites offer a tranquil escape enhanced by access to a refreshing pool, inviting you to unwind in style. Each suite is meticulously designed to provide a sanctuary of relaxation. Picture yourself taking a refreshing dip in the pool while surrounded by a most amazing view of the landscape, lush greenery, and soothing sounds of nature. Embrace the exotic charm of Bali in the heart of Costa Rica, where the Bali Suites offer a perfect blend of sophistication and natural splendor for an unforgettable retreat experience.

This single occupancy lodging options allows you to rest and recharge while also having immediate access to communal gathering spaces for when you’re craving connection.