Give yourself permission to retreat + recharge with other business owners in Costa Rica!

 You’ll have the opportunity to rest, relax, and unwind while connecting with other business owners in meaningful ways.

The activities on our agenda are designed to give you opportunities to reflect, reconnect with your “why,” and uncover ways that you can run your business in a more sustainable and aligned way.

We’ll be taking a holistic look at your wellness as a business owner, so you can return home with a new plan to take care of yourself and your business.

You’ll also get support & feedback from other business owners during your stay!


Your wellness as a small business owner matters!

As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, I have years of experience helping people improve their overall wellness. In case you’re not convinced that this applies to you, let me share some information with you!

According to research, “Extant evidence indicates that the owners/managers of SMEs (small-medium enterprises) have a high risk of experiencing occupational stress, burnout, and depression.” (Source)

“This high risk is commonly attributed to financial pressures, social isolation, long work hours, and the lack of a “safety net” of occupational health and human resource management systems.” (Source)

You’ve worked hard to build your business, and your business is your baby!

It also leaves you stressed, exhausted, and teetering on the edge of burnout. On your best days, you feel proud of your accomplishments, and on your worst days, you are ready to throw the towel in.

You crave free time, so you can relax, spend time with the people you care about, and take better care of yourself. These are—after all—some of the reasons why you started down this road in the first place!

You need an opportunity to disconnect + recharge!

Yes, I know it’s super difficult for business owners to get away from their businesses, but hear me out.

Taking an opportunity to intentionally rest and relax is better than burning out, throwing the towel in, and losing everything you’ve worked so hard for. Taking a moment to pause and reflect is also better than forcing yourself to continue grinding while any remaining creative juices get depleted.

If you burn out, your business burns out!
Do you hear what I’m saying?

Are you noticing any patterns yet?
The research is clear that the stress and responsibility of business ownership takes a great toll on us (but you didn’t need research to tell you that!). What I do find interesting is that, despite the struggles, these studies show that business owners are not responding to their stress with the self-care & support they need.
This is your opportunity to change that!!

92 percent of small business owners have experienced mental health problems over the past two years (Source)

80 percent of small business owners reported experiencing symptoms of poor mental health (Source)

The majority didn’t take any sick time even when it became apparent their mental health was suffering, only 21 percent took any leave (Source)

Despite this, 44 percent of small business owners have never accessed mental health support (Source)

Imagine returning home feeling refreshed and reinvigorated with a newfound excitement for your company and self-care!

Imagine making meaningful connections with other business owners who understand the challenges of being an entrepreneur! Imagine getting the support you need in Costa Rica and going home with a newfound community of successful entrepreneurs who want to support you and see you be successful! YOU can have that!


Taking time out for yourself creates ripple effects of change!

Taking care of yourself obviously benefits you, but since caring for ourselves is—for whatever reason—not a big enough motivator for us, let me remind you that taking this time out for yourself benefits your business, staff, and your family and friends.

When you are healthy, rested, and excited, your business will reflect that. Your team will see that!

When you prioritize self-care and create a more sustainable way of doing business, you’ll have the time and capacity to be fully present with the people you care about (rather than giving them the little bit of remaining time and energy in your day).

Is that something you can get on board with?

Prioritize yourself & register for our 6-day Ultimate Business Retreat in Costa Rica

As they say, “talk is cheap.” If you’re serious about taking time out for yourself, your business, and the people you care about, it’s time to take action.

What are you waiting for?

Who’s This Retreat For? Business Owners Like You Who…

✔ Need an opportunity to get away from their businesses, so they can recharge and get excited about their mission, vision, values, and reasons for pursuing the life of an entrepreneur.

✔ Want to meet other business owners and build community.

✔ Value opportunities to get support and feedback from other business owners.

✔ Value self-care and wellness and are willing to pursue it, knowing that it will have a positive impact on their business.

✔ Are excited about the opportunity to travel internationally for work.

✔ Adapt well to being in another country and culture.

Who is this retreat NOT for? This retreat is not for business owners who…

✘ Are experiencing significant mental health symptoms that could prove difficult to manage in Costa Rica (ex. debilitating depression or anxiety, active self-harm, thoughts of suicide, active substance misuse).

✘ Do not adapt well to life in other countries or cultures.

✘ Would have difficulty going 6 days without alcohol or other substances (this is a drug and alcohol-free campus)

✘ Would have difficulty eating vegan meals for 6 days (no animal-based products used or consumed on this campus)